These rules apply to the Discord, VRChat server, and panels!

1) Be courteous and respectful to everyone. This includes no harassment, argument/discourse, spamming, ignoring mods, and posting NSFW/harmful imagery in chat. One warning will be issued, then you will be kicked. This rule also applies to third party chat rooms if panelists report issues.

2) Please report conflict to the moderators. Do not participate in arguments/discourse. Homestuck 2 & post-canon topics should remain civil.

3) Slurs, purposeful spamming, and discriminatory comments/jokes/imagery/hate speech (racism, anti semitism, ableism, transphobia, anti-lgbt, islamophobia) are not allowed. These will not be tolerated, and mods reserve the right to remove these posts, mute, kick, or ban on sight.

4) If you need a mod, @ #❓help-desk . If you need to DM a mod, please ask the help desk who is available.

5) Please do not advertise servers, commissions, or any other content unaffiliated with SAHCon!

6) Do not single out or dogpile individual panelists, guests, artists, or attendees.

7) Please do not swap personal information with other attendees.

8) No NSFW conversations or content in this server! Conversations should be PG-13+. Swearing is not considered inherently NSFW, but sexually explicit language and slurs aren’t allowed.

9) Keep sensitive topics at a minimum, such as politics and pandemic-based conversation. Real life tragedies should not be discussed.