Guest Announcement: Poinko, Dagmars, and Gilly!

Poinko, Dagmars, and Gilly are three freelance Homestuck artists that have done their respective works on providing animation for the Hiveswap series.

Poinko has also done art for Paradox Space, multiple character designs for the Friendsim cast, and currently creates the fanventure Food and Blood.

Gilly has helped managed multiple community based art projects such as the Pro8lematic Faves Zine.

Dagmars has participated in the latter, and is currently a character and asset artist for Meenahquest!

Guest Announcement: Deezumaki

Dee is an Ex-Homestuck, but still likes to view the community from outside, just to see and know what’s going on. And while they’re not super deep in the community anymore, they still enjoy cosplaying characters from the fandom. 

Their panel will also include Plaz, SAHCon 2020 co-director, who is more of a homestuck veteran that still engages with the fandom and likes to keep Dee up to date on things. She’s worked on the organization of the Gothstuck Fanzine and is also known to cosplay characters from the fandom.

Guest Announcement: Tablestuck

Camyosh is a Youtube content creator, and creator of the game Tablestuck. Tablestuck is a Tabletop Roleplaying game (Similar to Dungeons and Dragons) that is played over Discord that lets you play with your friends in your very own session of Sburb!

His panel will be focusing on teaching viewers how to play the newest edition of Tablestuck, and during the convention he will be hosting sessions of Tablestuck that con participants will be able to join and try the game for themselves!