Guest Announcement: Tablestuck

Camyosh is a Youtube content creator, and creator of the game Tablestuck. Tablestuck is a Tabletop Roleplaying game (Similar to Dungeons and Dragons) that is played over Discord that lets you play with your friends in your very own session of Sburb!

His panel will be focusing on teaching viewers how to play the newest edition of Tablestuck, and during the convention he will be hosting sessions of Tablestuck that con participants will be able to join and try the game for themselves!

Guest Announcement: Godfiend

Remember the SAHCon Rave from last year? Great times!

Godfiend was a project started to bring heavy hitting bass music to the convention scene. Nothing hits harder then a rave with actual rave music. Bringing headbanging and facemelting to the raves is the goal!

Get ready for our second year on July 25th!

Today would’ve been our second year for this online convention. However, as previously stated, we had to move things around for the greater good of everybody’s time, energy, and focus.

That said, it’s been decided that July 25th will be the selected date chosen for this year of SAHCon!

We haven’t dropped the potential of a 2021 skip in the case of anymore emergencies or serious events, but we’re hoping that this year will mark us down for twice in a row! As we reorganize and set things into motion, artists and panelists who previously signed up on our applications will be getting email responses. We will also be announcing our guest panelists as expected!

That’s all that we have for you all right now; have a happy Saturday!