Taz ‘oD’ is the writer and producer of youtube series like “Hiveswap Lore” and “Homestuck Explained“, and several essays exploring deep dives into Homestuck’s symbolic and mythological motifs! He’s written a couple novels’ worth of Homestuck boys kissing, and hosted a livestream of the Homestuck Epilogues that Dante Basco showed up in earlier this year. He is a vocal advocate of the Earth C Furryification agenda.


We welcome GRIEVER as our latest addition to the guest panelist roster! Known as the creator of the oft-self-advertised crossover fanventure, JojoStuck, Griever wants to share his general thoughts on being a creator of fan content! Topics in his panel will include getting to work on your first fanfic or fanventure, the best ways to put yourself out there, dealing with low productivity down the line, and of course, rambling about JojoStuck!

Artist Alley Applications + Youtube are now LIVE!

The application for the conventions Artist Alley is now open! Please keep in mind that this will only be open for a week, or until we receive 200 applicants! Please read our FAQ if you wish to know more about how the Artist Alley will function.

Additionally, we now have our Youtube up! Please follow for future updates in video format, along with our eventual streaming for things such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies!

Thank you!

Update! Tumblr + Artist Alley Submission Date

As we start wedging our way closer to the date, new information continues to surface!

We now have an active tumblr! This will be used to provide updates for those who wish to follow information through that site.

Submissions for Artist Alley will also be opening up this coming Friday, May 17th! They will be open for (1) Week, or until we receive 200 applications. Please read our FAQ if you’d like to know more about the Artist Alleys set up.

Thank you!