Meet Our Mascots!

Art by YoItsCro

DAYTAH WHYFYE is SAHCon’s first mascot; a yellow blood with a coincidental love for streaming, online activities, and staying hydrated! Her lusus is a giant snail, and her likes include future bass music and cheese snacks. She dislikes having a slow wifi connection. Fun fact: She actually DOES have a double set of horns just like any other yellow blood! Her tiny horns are just hiding behind the bigger ones.

POHHOW ERROHN is SAHCon’s second mascot, and Daytah’s neighbor. Ironically, Pohhow found Daytah through her streams before realizing they could just look out their window to see the yellow blood across the street. Their lusus is a venomous sea bunny. Pohhow’s favorite activities include sleeping, binging DIY craft videos, staying up past ungodly hours, experimenting with faygo cocktails, and even more sleeping.