Harassment Policy

Stuck At Home Con considers harassment as any act (legal, illegal, sexual, discriminatory, or otherwise) that makes any other person or group uncomfortable or injured in any fashion, whether the action is continuous or not.

If you feel that you are a victim of harassment, we ask that you report the incident immediately to any member of our staff. This may be done through sending a DM or mention to any moderators on our Discord Server. The sooner an incident is reported, the sooner we can respond. We recommend that if you feel you are being harassed that you ask the party perpetrating the harassing conduct to stop; however we will respond to harassment whether you ask the party to stop or if you feel uncomfortable taking this action before reporting the incident.

This policy covers interaction between attendees in our discord server, as well as any actions taking place during panels and our VRChat.

Examples of harassment include but are not limited to:

Unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances.

Any speech that demeans, insults, or attacks any person or group based on religion, sex, gender, race, social class, education, disability, medical condition, or appearance.

Repeating behavior toward an individual when asked to stop.

Any actions deemed to be taken in a deliberate attempt to disrupt the event.