When is this convention and how much is it?

This convention will be taking place during the summer, and will be absolutely free!

What is an “online” convention?

An online convention is a convention that takes place on the internet, where fans are gathered in a particular space online to participate in community activities centered around the event. Specifically, streams will be serving as our mock panels for panelists to host, and a Discord server will be used as the hub space, or “convention space”. We will also have various activities such as a VRChat server, live drawing board, and more!

What do panels consist of?

With less limitations, panels can serve as many things, so as long as they’re Homestuck adjacent! You could host a game, talk about Homestuck in a think piece or round table discussion, make something in real time, present a topic that’s loosely related to Homestuck that’s about artistic creation or story telling, so on! We have an archive catalog that has many examples of panels of the past!

Where do panels take place?

Depending on the panelist themselves, panels can either take place on Twitch, Discord, Picarto, or Discord. During the convention, we will be guiding attendees to links of where these panels will be taking place. We will also be providing hyperlinks to the Schedule tab that you can click on to access where non-Discord panels will be!

Will panels be archived?

Yes! All of our panels will be recorded and archived for future viewing! You can find these links on our website after the con!

How does the Artists Alley work?

The Artist Alley will be a category on the Discord server, where each selected artist will be given a channel to promote their commissions, stores, merchandise, and so on. Submissions will open around the same time that panels will.

How does the Friday Expo work?

On Friday, we will be premiering a scheduled video on our youtube that consists of multiple Homestuck fan projects that are in the works! Come support your favorite creators!

Is this affiliated with Official Homestuck / What Pumpkin?

Nope! This is simply a fan ran event!

How can we contact you?

The best means of contact is our Twitter page, followed by stuckathomecon@gmail.com!