During the con, we will be having panels and our artist alley. However, there will be other events taking place that are brought to you by the con itself!

Lots of these activities have their engagement take place in the Discord server during the day of the convention, but we have a couple that will be accessible outside of it!


SAHCon introduces a virtual convention hall for VRChat players this year! It’s an optional, though fun and interactive, way to enjoy the day! Look out on Saturday for when we publicize the server!


A Homestuck tabletop roleplaying game! Hosted by Camyosh, these sessions will be taking place in a separate Discord. Learn to play and join in the fun!


During the day, we will have a live drawing board open for those who want to doodle with each other! The portal link will be found through our Discord server!


Join the convention rave as we start winding down for the year and groove while we’re doing it!