IMPORTANT UPDATE: Date Change + Artist/Panel Info + 6/12 Charity Stream

Hello Stuck at Home Con-goers!

We have some information (albeit delayed) to share regarding this convention and it’s date.

Originally, our con day of June 13th had been switched to June 20th due to a vote. However, a lot has been happening and continues to happen; the world around us has been actively dealing with conflict. Specifically and especially COVID-19, and the continuation of police brutality.
These current events have affected the preparation of the convention, as well as those involved with this convention and their ability to work on a schedule that, under normal circumstances, works best with a steadier ability to do such. That said, real life comes first, and real life has given reason for the slight hiccups of the con’s production.

As a RESULT, SAHCon’s convention date will be moved ONCE MORE, and one more time. We are discussing a date, but there will be a good chance on either two things:
The date will be moved somewhere in July, or we may ultimately save celebration for 2021. In about a week or so, we will give you all an update on our choice on the matter.

We will still be going over our already received panel and artist applications, but will be informing those accepted about our change of dates. There is a very small chance we may reopen panels applications, though we will update if this becomes the case. Note that regardless of our date, SAHCon will still be hosted on a Saturday for easier accessibility.

Thank you for the support and involvement with our little Homestuck convention.

In the meantime, our world of escapism does not encourage the ignorance of real issues that need far more support beyond us. We take this time to remind everyone that this convention supports marginalized creators and fans; we frown upon bigotry and terrorism. This convention shows it’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement and what it stands for.

While waiting for further SAHCon news, we recommend joining the SleepySouls BLM Charity Stream, an (18+) stream featuring multiple Homestuck creatives that are raising money in the form of playing games, live reading Homestuck content, and providing commentary. When is it happening? Well, right now.

Even if you don’t join, we still heavily encourage you to donate to charities and bail funds in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and those who’ve been unfairly incarcerated.

Color of Change

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Thank you for your patience.