What is Stuck At Home Con?

Stuck at Home Con (affectionally abbreviated to SAHCon) is an online Homestuck fan convention that started it’s run in 2019. Fans of Homestuck, Hiveswap, Problem Sleuth, and other MSPA-related properties gather during this event to spend the day engaging with others over these shared interests!

Events during the day include our streamed panels from multiple creatives in the fandom, artists featured in our Artist Alley line up, and a large discord server for those looking to chat with other fans! The convention also has many other activities such as our late night rave, live drawing board, and new editions such as our VRChat server!

Originally, the idea of this convention formed through wanting to encourage more video formatted Homestuck content, as the medium was a very regular way of people finding out about the comic in the first place.

However, Stuck At Home Con has grown into something more. Now, it serves as two things: An alternative for those who may not be able to experience the likes of a physical con due to circumstance, and to be a playful Saturday that celebrates the creativity of the Homestuck fandom and encourages positivity for the community.

A single day of fun to make the world a little brighter!