A SAHCon Thank You, Panel Archive, and Con Badge!

SAHCon 2019 is now over!

After an amazing Saturday, we reached over 1,880 active participants! We would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to this convention’s fun day for fans through kindness, art, conversation, community, and laughs! We’d also like to thank our Panelists and Guest Panelists for providing the engaging streams of the convention, Artists for providing colorful booths to share their crafts, and our Moderators and Staff for putting in the upmost efforts and organization into making this a successful event. We couldn’t have done this without all of you.

29 of our 37 panels have have now been archived! You can now go to the Schedule Page and click on panel titles to view their streams from the con, in case you missed any of them!

Finally, we also have a SAHCON BADGE! For any of you who want some sort of memorabilia to show your support of this con, we’ve provided a print-your-own badge! Get it laminated, simply hang it on your wall, whatever! Full image size can be found here!

Art by YoItsCro

Until next year!


Lalo Hunt, known as a writer for both the Hiveswap Friendsim and the Homestuck Epilogues, will be joining us as a guest at SAHCon! Not only was Lalo the mind behind some of our favorite Friendsim trolls—Tagora, Tyzias, Galekh, and Wanshi—but they also worked with Aysha U. Farah to bring us the Friendsim Epilogue. Speaking of “epilogue,” Lalo had a hand in the Homestuck Epilogues by penning (no spoilers!) a well-known scene examining gender and self-exploration.

During SAHCon, Lalo will be holding a text-based “Ask Me Anything” session, so get your questions ready for one of Homestuck’s beloved writers!


Kate Mitchell (gamblignant8) is the creator of the Perfectly Generic Podcast, a podcast about Homestuck, Hiveswap and related independent media. They serve as script consultant for Vast Error and originated Snowbound Blood, a visual novel set in the universe of Vast Error.

Active beyond fandom, they have previously written for the SCP Foundation, managed political campaigns, established a professional esports team, and worked in user experience and graphic design. They believe, correctly, that Vriska Serket is a trans lesbian.